Craig’s BBQ Sauce, Texas Pepper Jelly’s newest product, is sweeping the nation, blowing judges away at barbecue contests, and it comes as no surprise. Craig’s BBQ Sauce is the most delicious, versatile barbecue sauce you’ll find anywhere, whether you search the grocery shelves for store bought sauce, or you’re waiting for your mom to call you to her table to sample her home-made sauce.

Not to put down your mom’s barbecue sauce, but her concoction can’t hold a candle to Craig’s BBQ Sauce.

To sweeten the deal even more, Craig’s BBQ Sauce is still on sale, so order NOW and you’ll get a real bargain!

We go through tons of barbecue sauce here, but nothing has ever made an impression like Craig’s BBQ Sauce made at our table. My family can go through an entire bottle for one meal! The meat is cooked in it. It’s poured over the meat after it’s done. The meat is served with a bottle standing by. The kids (I include my husband with that noun) pour Craig’s BBQ Sauce on their plates and dip everything from the carrots to the breadsticks in it.

There is something so uniquely Texas about Craig’s BBQ Sauce, and everyone in Texas and all the rest of the states will beg you to stock up so no meal will be without it.

We’re having pork tenderloin “coins” tomorrow. The tenderloin is already cut up and in the crockpot, swimming in barbecue sauce and onions. The meat will cook slowly all night, filling the entire house with an aroma that will make the neighbors come out onto their porches and sniff the air.

In the morning, I’ll drain the crockpot, put the meat back in, pour more Craig’s BBQ Sauce all over it, and let it cook a few more hours. When I serve it tomorrow night, it will be so tender we’ll have to use the big soup dipper to remove it.

Don’t you wish you were having supper with us?