Texas pepper jelly cranberry habaneroJust in time for Thanksgiving, Texas Pepper Jelly is featuring the delicious Cranberry Habanero Pepper Jelly once again!

Cranberry Habanero pepper jelly is good on almost everything that could possibly be found on a Thanksgiving table. Put a half cup of it in your dressing! Baste your turkey with it! Mix it with your jellied cranberries! Pour some over a brick of cream cheese for a delicious and different pre-post meal treat! Put some over your mashed potatoes instead of gravy! Mix with applesauce for a spicy side dish! Spread it on your rolls or biscuits! Use your imagination, because everything you let our Cranberry Habanero pepper jelly touch will be yummy good!

You’ll be serving cranberries for Christmas dinner, too, no doubt. Why not order extra so you’ll have some Cranberry Habanero for both holidays? You’ll have to hide the extra jar, though; if your family is like mine, they’ll find it and devour it and you’ll have to order again.

Order some for your friends, too. Cranberry Habanero makes a wonderful holiday gift!

Which is fine by us!