Stop Using Rookie BBQ Sauce

Stop Using Rookie BBQ Sauce If you are looking for a great barbecue sauce, or a tasty barbecue sauce recipe, no need to look any further. Stop wasting time preparing a homemade BBQ sauce, instead spend that time with those who are gathered for your famous backyard barbecue! We have the perfect time-saving flavor-packed product […]

BBQ Leftovers? 10 Ideas on How to Serve Them Up Again

On the rare occasion you’ve cooked up too much for your crowd and find yourself with leftover beef brisket, bbq chicken, or pulled pork, don’t think it’s wasted food. As BBQ lovers, we know it doesn’t happen often, but we’ve all been there done that. Faced with mounds of meat, it’s either the garbage can […]

What’s Your Meat? Pork or Beef

Ribs. They are synonymous with grilling and are a staple at BBQ contests and backyard cookouts alike. Besides pork ribs coming from a pig and beef ribs coming from a cow, what are the other differences between the two most common forms of ribs? Pork ribs have three different cuts—back ribs, or baby back ribs, […]

When Should I Add The BBQ Sauce?

When should you sauce with Craig's bbq sauce 10-15 min before end of cook image of timers and 21 oz bottle of sauce

When Should I Add The BBQ Sauce? A question we get from a lot of beginner BBQ Fanatics is “when should I add the BBQ sauce?” The answer is simple, if you are using Craig’s BBQ Sauce or any store-bought sauce, we suggest adding it 10-15 minutes before the END of your cooking time. Because […]

What Is The #1 BBQ Sauce

Regular readers of this blog are already aware that the Texas Pepper Jelly products are amazing, so much so that we only have the one BBQ sauce. When you have the best, why worry about anything else, right?  We have written posts about how to incorporate the sauce into your grilling by using it alone, […]

It’s Not Your Store Bought Pineapple Pepper Jelly

Did you know our best selling Pepper Jelly is pineapple?   We’ve been producing our pineapple pepper jelly for several years and when it came out in 2006 we won a Scovie Award and we’ve been rocking it ever since. Our pepper jellies are exclusively made with habanero peppers.  They are a hotter pepper than jalapeno, […]

What Is Texas Rib Sauce

What is Rib Sauce? That answer will vary from state to state and even differently within a state like Texas.  To some its a thick tomato based sauce and others it has no tomato sauce in the recipe at all.  To some it’s more sour (vinegar based) or it’s more a sweet sauce (like honey […]

How to Use Our Ketchup More

Craig's ketchup bot habanero and reglular with a burger and fries and black tray and background

How To Use Our Ketchup More Talk about being a popular condiment! Ketchup is a staple in 97 percent of American households. Sadly, ketchup, including Craig’s Ketchup, gets left in the fridge for an unspoken amount of time and is almost always pushed aside when it comes to cooking. Can I use ketchup as a […]

Pepper Jelly Isn’t Just for Breakfast

Ah, the pepper jelly; bit spicy, bit sweet but all yummy.  Sure, you can put it on your bagels, your English muffins, your Texas toast, but what else can you use it for? Pepper jelly isn’t just for breakfast you see, as you can use it in a wide variety of ways. Many of us […]

BBQ Trends 2021

Every year we see new and exciting trends and this year is no exception. Sure, we have a pandemic to worry about, but that didn’t stop things from becoming trendy last year and it sure won’t stop them this year either. I must admit when I first saw the words watermelon ham, I wondered what […]